Objectives – Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management 2019-04-11T16:19:18+02:00

Applied Objectives

  • To acquire the management skills, abilities and techniques necessary to develop successfully in an international environment
  • To work with case studies in order to learn about the professional standards in the sector and to improve related aptitudes
  • To acquire skills and learn proper practices related to teamwork, international vision, interdisciplinary practice and problem solving
  • To become a member of a network of classmates, tutors, faculty members, experts in tourism and hotel management, which will allow the development of the contacts necessary to enter and succeed in the sector

Conceptual Objectives

  • To study the global tourism panorama and its different lines of business and to learn to recognize areas of potential growth
  • To analyse various operational strategies and techniques applied to hospitality management and other aspects of tourism
  • To explore matters of interest related to hotel management and administration in all its dimensions
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