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The module of Introduction to Digital Marketing will serve the student as a basis to lay some basic and initial knowledge related to digital marketing. Throughout the module we won’t go only through basic concepts but also we will see specific references and techniques, as well as presenting practical and real cases that will help the student to understand how the pillars of Digital Marketing work.

In this course you will learn to plan a strategy for your campaigns according to your business goals. At the end of the course you will be able to understand the basic concepts of the tool, the difference between the different ads platform and how to create a campaign.

In the SEO course you will receive a complete training on the basic concepts, techniques, strategies and tools needed to understand, analyse, optimise and plan web positioning strategies on search engines such as Google.

Thanks to the Google Analytics course you will get an overview on the digital analytics world and will master one of its main tools, both for getting the Google Analytics Certification and to optimize to the maximum your digital marketing campaigns.

How can a company communicate effectively through Social Media? How can it reach its target and achieve its objectives? In this module the student will learn the different characteristics of every Network, their nature and different communication techniques. Through real examples and active exercises the student will effectively master advertisement and branding in Social Media. The overall objective of the module is to develop attitudes and skills to design and implement a winning Social Media Strategy for a real company.

In this module we will enter the ‘unknown’ and specific world of mobile marketing. Mobile is a massive revolution, led by the success of apps. Student will understand the particularities of this specialty, in addition to the differences in relation to a more desktop related digital marketing.

In this module of Email Marketing you will receive a complete training on concepts, strategies and techniques to understand and create you own campaigns.


Understanding all the elements that shape the design and usability of a website is the main goal of these classes.


From theory to practical classes we will cover all D&UX concepts to really apply them in an upcoming future on real-life projects. Out-of-class test exams will be sent to you so we can evaluate and ensure your progress.


Evaluate and design user thought websites.
Control all the necessary requirements for an optimal design
Create responsive designs adapted to all types of devices
How to optimize a website.
Creating both a specific brand and iconography for a project.
How to analyze and manage web architecture.
Designing banners and other elements for digital advertising (only free only software will be used)
Managing content effectively
Evaluating different types of web designs, what type of website will I need?


User-centered Design
Requirements for an ideal design
Design and Architecture of information
The importance of content
The responsive design & adaptive Information
Rich Media
Web optimization
Design and Digital Advertising


Advertising in Social Media is becoming indispensable in digital Marketing. Most organizations, brands and companies trust paid social media to meet their goals in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube. In this course you will achieve the knowledge and skills to master the Social Media ads.


From attracting leads to delighting the costumers. In this Inbound marketing course you will learn all the steps necessary to take your marketing plan to the next level.

Total 40 ECTS + 20 ECTS for Final Thesis