Objectives – Master in Digital Marketing 2019-04-11T14:18:10+02:00


Conceptual Objectives

  • Developing and implementing digital strategies for startup companies that look to carve out their place in the online market
  • Supporting the digital transformation of companies that seek to adapt to the fast-changing online environment
  • Improving the digital presence and the results of all those companies that already are functioning in the online world
  • Developing your own digital marketing projects

Applied Objectives

  • To effectively use all the current technology involved in web positioning
  • To analyze and to interpret the web traffic thanks to the advanced knowledge of Google Analytics
  • To develop effective strategies in the use of search¬†engines
  • To understand the implementation of digital marketing actions as part of wider business strategy
  • To effectively manage the principal social networks for professional purposes
  • To integrate the social networks into a marketing plan
  • To develop the graphic imagery and iconography of a project
  • To create audio-visual montages as part of an online marketing strategy
  • To create optimized E-mail campaigns and to analyze and understand the results
  • To have a firm grasp of all the phases for the complete optimization of the user experience
  • To become a member of a network of classmates, tutors, faculty members, experts in digital marketing, which will allow the development of the contacts necessary to enter and succeed in the sector