Objectives – Master in Digital Entrepreneurship 2019-10-15T12:44:05+02:00

Applied Objectives

  • To master the personal and professional skills necessary to successfully start a project, team or company
  • To develop an understanding of how innovation and creative processes can be translated into tangible actions and objectives in all business areas while always respecting the principles of corporate social responsibility
  • To understand the two dimensions of a company: internal (knowing how to manage strategy) and external (understanding its promotion, financing and international expansion)
  • To work with case studies in order to learn about the professional standards in the sector and to improve related aptitudes
  • To promote the good practices of teamwork, international vision, interdisciplinary practice and problem solving
  • To become a member of a network of classmates, tutors, faculty members and experts in corporate strategy, which will allow the development of the new contacts necessary to grow and develop personally and professionally

Conceptual Objectives

  • To gain a comprehensive view of the role of ICTs in the current business environment and to learn new skills that can be applied to the student’s own start-up
  • To cultivate the critical thinking, analytical, and practical skills necessary to develop and implement new business communication strategies in a digital environment
  • To acquire the leadership skills necessary to become a leader in project management and strategic communication applied to both public and private organisations
  • To learn how to develop comprehensive business plans and strategic communication management for start-ups
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