Marie Deborah Atundu Kalume, second year Bachelor´s student

Marie Deborah Atundu Kalume
Second year Bachelor´s student

For the first Human of ESEI this year, it is our pleasure to introduce Marie Deborah, a second year Bachelor´s student from the Congo, who is very involved in the school and never stops smiling. Right from the very beginning of her studies in ESEI we could see that there was something unique about Marie Deborah. she is always joyful and good-humoured. That is why we asked her to tell us about a life lesson she had learned. She told us:

“I used to simply wait for the day when my dreams would come true, when I would reach my goals. Then I realized that what was keeping me from them; it was my fear of leaving my comfort zone. Wanting to achieve your goals means overcoming your personal barriers.”

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