Margreet van Egmond

Margreet van Egmond 

Magreet van Egmond is a Tourism professional with more than 25 years of experience in a variety of fields including Hospitality, Events Organization, and Tourism & Leisure. She has led teams, motivated commercial agents and developed new sustainable strategies for various touristic enterprises in Spain, the Republic of Maldives and in the Netherlands.
Margreet is currently involved in creating “Brain-Friendly” training programs and offering training and consulting solutions to Hotels, Local Governments, Restaurants and independent Training Bureaus.

At ESEI, Margreet is involved in teaching the following modules within our Master programmes:

  • Branding and Marketing for Tourism
  • Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

You can find out more about Margreet’s education and experience in her video presentation and Linkedin Profile.

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