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Making the most of your experience at ESEI

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Studying at ESEI is about more than just getting an internationally recognised qualification. It’s about developing personally, professionally and taking advantage of all the opportunities that Barcelona has to offer.

So let’s take a look at how you can get involved in the community and have the best possible experience while you are studying here.

Be part of our thriving community

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Business schools often have vast networks and excellent lecturers, but they rarely have a warm and friendly atmosphere. When people walk in the door at ESEI, they feel a sense of inclusion and belonging. That’s because alongside the rigorous academic training we offer, we’ve worked hard to build a welcoming community that encourages collaboration and connection.

Our students build strong bonds working together closely in small classes. In fact, many of our alumni make lifelong friendships and business connections during their time here, thanks to the formative experiences they had together in our classrooms.

And by organising trips to offices, barbeques in our beautiful grounds, and lots of opportunities to explore Barcelona, we bring our students closer together.

Some of our past events and trips include:

– An Experimental Escape Room Recruitment Event
– A trip to Bodegas Torres to learn more about the wine industry
– A fundraising night for NGO Street Child España
– A BBQ organised by the student council
– Our yearly graduation ceremony

So when you sign up for a bachelor’s or master’s degree at ESEI, remember that you’re also joining a thriving community!

Take part in our internship programme
While studying at ESEI you’ll have the opportunity to get real-world work experience in a Barcelona company.
Whatever your future goals, you’ll be able to find a company that suits you. Barcelona is a globally recognised startup hub, a smart city, a centre of tourism – and much, much more.
If you’re into tech, travel, hospitality, or you simply want to work in a big enterprise, we’ll put you in touch with the right company and help you along the way.
Many of our students go onto full time employment with the companies they intern with – and even those that don’t grow their networks with valuable professional connections.

Check out our article Doing an internship? Here’s what you need to know for more on our internship programme.

Visit our career fairs

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At ESEI we’re proud of our students and their achievements – and twice a year, in October and February, we like to show the local business arena just how good you are!
ESEI career fairs attract businesses from all over the city. They set up stands, bring information packs and showcase what they do. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to come along, meet managers and entrepreneurs and find out more about them.
It’s also a good opportunity to share your CV and talk about future job opportunities and internships.

If you want to see how to write an effective CV, check out our article 7 golden rules for writing a knockout resumé.

Learn from expert guest speakers
Our guest speakers are experts in their fields and come from a whole range of different companies – from marketeers and growth hackers, to startup leaders and CEOs of established companies.
You’ll have the chance to listen to an informative presentation, ask questions and learn from people who work in the industries you are looking to step into.

Some of our past speakers include:

Loic le Joliff, co-founder of Piknic Electronik
David and Jorge Boleas, founders of Café Fred
Jasper Deprez, Founder & CEO at Tradler

Our next guest talk will be with Spitche CEO – Kevin Markowski.

Networking events
Being such a thriving entrepreneurial hub, Barcelona has hundreds of networking events to attend throughout the year.
From the world-renowned Mobile World Congress and startup focused 4 Years From now, all the way through to free weekly afterworks drinks, there are many opportunities to get involved and grow your networks in the city.
We highly recommend getting a group together and checking out what the city has to offer.
Barcelona Startup News shares a regular “7 events to attend” each month, so that is one to watch out for.

Here are seven tech events in September.

If you’re worried about networking, feel a little shy, or would like to get some advice – read our article: 5 Networking tips (and 5 great Barcelona events to practise them).

Language exchanges
Our degree courses at ESEI are taught 100% in English, but of course – we’re based in Spain. Barcelona is a busy Catalan city with two principal languages – Castilian and Catalan.
Many of our students use their time in the city to learn one or both of these beautiful languages. Our own Spanish classes are a big help, but so too are the many free language exchanges (intercambios) in the city. Not only will you improve your Spanish or Catalan speaking and listening skills, but you’ll make some new friends along the way.

Check out Meetup to find some intercambios to get involved in.

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