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Learn about nano-influence marketing at this interactive workshop

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It’s time for the next edition of the ESEI Guest Speaker Sessions. On March 4 in the Movistar Centre in Placa Catalunya, Barcelona-based serial entrepreneur Kevin Markowski will join us for an interactive workshop on nano-influence marketing and how to engage with online communities.

This workshop will change how you look at customers and how you market your brand – or your personal profile. Here’s what you will learn!

Engaging communities

Kevin is the CEO at Spitche, a startup that has built software that allows brands to increase their organic reach. It does this by transforming customers into nano-influencers (or ambassadors) on social media by gamifying their engagement. Kevin also co-founded MeltinLab, one of the fastest growing event series for entrepreneurs in Barcelona, and advises several startups on leaving behind traditional marketing tactics and focusing on methods that can bring much more value to them.

He is passionate about engaging communities – he used to work in the corporate event industry – and changing the relationship between brands and their customers.

“Most of all, I love tech and startups: a great way to change things is through digital tools that we build from scratch,” he says.

Beyond the buzzword

Nano-influence marketing sounds like a fancy term that might be hard to grasp. However, when you break it down, it makes a lot of sense.

Nano-influencers are essentially a social media marketer’s secret weapon. They are individuals with a very small (<5000) following on social media and a super niche audience – which can be just friends and family. Since they only share things that are of personal importance to them, they tend to have a much more engaged audience than bigger accounts. Marketers are only just starting to realise that a bigger following doesn’t necessarily mean bigger value for the brand.

According to Kevin, nano-influence marketing completely changes how a brand approaches its customers.

“Nowadays, the brand has less power to communicate directly to leads. On the other hand, customers have a huge power of recommendation. The main point is to help brands to understand that everyone is a nano-influencer and can ‘nano-influence’ friends and family to make a purchase,” he explains.

Of course, customers need certain tangible incentives to motivate them to become nano-influencers.

“For example, at Spitche, one of our main product is a digital loyalty program. It’s not based on purchases but based on the promotion of the brand on social media. Basically, customers gain points and rewards when they increase the organic reach of the brand. It transforms customers from simple buyers into ambassadors. It brings a lot of value, and once companies understand that, they will see the business revenue increasing organically without spending thousands of euros on acquisition.”

Why you should attend

Any entrepreneur, brand or individual that needs to create, build or engage their own community can benefit from this workshop. If you’re a business school student interested in SaaS marketing, product and tech innovation, it’s the place to be. You will leave the workshop equipped with actionable strategies and tips that you can implement when you start working on a project or launching your own business.

If you’d like to find out more about nano-influence marketing and how you can use it for your business, join us at the ESEI Guest Speaker Session on March 4!

About ESEI Guest Speaker Events

Barcelona is one of the most exciting business and startup hubs in Europe. Bursting with experts in many fields, the city offers plenty of opportunities for people to learn, interact and build their networks.

This ties in with our mission to help students learn independently. Our guest speaker sessions, run in collaboration with the Movistar Centre, feature the city’s top entrepreneurial talent and are designed to help our students and community grow.

The Movistar Centre is an initiative from Telefónica, which was conceived as an open space for local people. Offering a wide variety of activities related to innovation and technology, the centre emphasizes the changes we are experiencing thanks to the digitisation of our environment. It’s a space to visit and experiment in, to share new goals and opportunities, but overall, it’s a place to learn in and enjoy yourself.


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