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Learning walk to MOB and FabCafe Barcelona

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Ahmed Maged is a young and passionate Esei Master’s student coming from Egypt. He was personally interested in learning about new and creative initiatives taking place in the city so we took him to meet the team at MOB (Makers of Barcelona) and we were lucky to find and have some words with Albert Cañigueral, Founder of ConsumoColaborativo.com and Ouishare Barcelona Connector.

Here is what Ahmed had to say about the experience…

fab2How do you think a co-working space like MOB could help international young entrepreneurs?

How do you link the coworking with ouishare and collaborative economy? Did ouishare awaken your curiosity? What did you like the most about the concept? 

I personally think the collaborative economy of ouishare is an extension of the idea of coworking space. So far our culture as a human race has been built on merely personal interests, which of course proves its failure day after day. And an idea like the collaborative economy comes just in the right time to turn things around before it’s too late. The best thing in this concept I’d say is that it’s based on sharing which is something natural to human beings that they seem to have forgotten along the years of capitalism.

To find out more, please check ouishare website here

What do you think about the fabcafe – the only place in Barcelona and on the whole entire of the Iberian Peninsula where you can laser -cut or 3D print, while you sip your latte?

I think it’s a great idea since it makes it much easier to come up with prototypes and start working on real cases instead of wasting efforts on the traditional procedures that both cost a lot of money and time.

How do you see the future of that?

I think it’s really good news, because that gives a huge boost to inventors and entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into real life models.

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