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Empowering Women in Sports: Celebrating International Women’s Sports Day

The Importance of Celebrating International Women’s Sports Day

International Women’s Sports Day serves as a poignant reminder that there remains far more to be accomplished to bring about gender equality in sports activities. Needless to say, International Women’s Sports Day is a moment to recognize women’s accomplishments in sporting events and to spread appreciation for the endless battle for women’s rights in athletic competitions.


Today is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of female athletes, coaches, and sports managers. It serves as a reminder of the progress that has been made toward gender equality in sports but also highlights the work that still needs to be done. For example, while women’s participation in sports has increased over the years, they still face many barriers to entry, such as lack of funding, lack of media coverage, and discrimination. These barriers limit the opportunities for women to participate and excel in sports and can affect their ability to advance in their careers.

Celebrating women helps raise awareness about these issues and to inspire more women to pursue careers in sports management and to excel in athletic competitions. It also serves as an opportunity to empower women, both by highlighting their accomplishments and by providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed. Furthermore, it also helps to push for more inclusive and fair treatment in the sports industry and to create a more level playing field for all athletes.

In addition, it is important to recognize the role that women play in sports management as well as on the field. Women in sports management have traditionally been underrepresented and have not had the same opportunities as men to lead and make decisions in the industry. Celebrating International Women’s Sports Day helps to bring attention to this and to create a more inclusive and diverse sports industry.

Overall, it is a powerful way to recognize the contributions of female athletes, coaches, and sports managers, raise awareness about the ongoing struggle for gender equality in sports and inspire more women to pursue careers in sports management and to excel in athletic competitions. It is important to celebrate this day to empower women, push for more inclusive and fair treatment in the sports industry, and create a more level playing field for all athletes

What is ESEI’s involvement in celebrating International Women’s Sports Day?

We inspire women to pursue careers in sports management and to grow into experts in their fields. We believe that as a Master in Sports Management programme, it is critical to acknowledge the significance of women in sports as well as to empower more women to continue higher education in sports management.

Just imagine, studying in such an environment, making frequent visits to sports companies, and networking with athletes. With the Master of Sports Management, you can do it all!

The prospect of obtaining valuable life experience and skills in the field of sports management is one of the top advantages of enrolling in the Master in Sports Management programme. The curriculum is intended to give participants a comprehensive knowledge of the sports world, along with its heritage, framework, and recent trends. Furthermore, the project will enable students to develop the competencies necessary to prosper as sports managers, such as leadership, connectivity, and creative planning.

Future Projects supporting this cause: ‘Women Leadership in Sports’

We believe that certain causes need action, which is why ESEI is taking action to not only build awareness for women in the sports industry but to provide aid for women to enter the predominantly male-orientated field.

Action plan 1:

  • Ideate and communicate an open to all panel with three inspirational women in sports.
  • New Scholarship for women in the sports field

Action Plan 2:

  • Building a community that supports this project
  • Creating different channels and platforms where ideas can be shared

The project manager for this is Carlota Estera, we advise you to stay up to date with our latest blogs to find out more!

We are proud to have powerful women in our sports management faculty

Julia Roca Valverde Sports management ESEI

Meet Julia Roca Valverde

Julia was a highly accomplished tennis player, achieving the top ranking in their country and Central America for a decade. They were selected to represent Costa Rica in the Olympics and competed in the Fed Cup. Additionally, they spent a few years traveling with the ITF World Touring Team while based in the US. After retiring from tennis in 2003, they continued to be active in the sports industry. She is currently an event manager and ticketing strategist at her own organization JROCA EVENTOS.


Willing to join such a Programme?

We welcome you to our Masters in Sports Management program and help to make the sports industry extra inclusive, fair, and equal.

A significant advantage of our curriculum is the chance to network with many other sports industry experts. Our course is designed to give students the possibility to gain knowledge from accomplished sports experts who can assist in providing tips and information on how to prevail in the field. Moreover, our program allows students to network with prospective employers, which can be a precious asset for those searching to begin career opportunities in sports management.

Our programme is considered by our students as the Best Master’s in Sport Management, and it is focused on providing a variety of opportunities in the sector in areas such as business, marketing, law, communication, and technology.

The Master of Sports Management programme is designed to help you develop the necessary skills.

In order to succeed in the global sports industry. Our expert faculty will introduce you to game-changing players and developments, as well as coach you on where and how to look for opportunities and build successful sports businesses.

Through project-based coursework and evaluations, the Master of Sports Management programme underscores practical learning. Students work in groups to create practical answers to real-life sports management problems, sharpening their team cohesion, interaction, and problem-solving skills. These projects are the primary means of assessing students’ progress and success in the program.

Why should you pursue your Master’s degree in Sports Management at ESEI?

Are you interested in turning your enthusiasm for sports into a professional life? The sports business is flourishing, and now is an excellent time to advance your professional life.

We provide the world’s highest Master’s in Sports Management program at ESEI to achieve those goals. Our program prepares students to thrive in the fast-paced sports industry management by providing them with the knowledge and abilities they need. Our course is designed for individual people seeking a career in this exhilarating and competitive field, with a concentration on hands-on, real-world experience.

Education of the Highest Caliber

ESEI International Business School and a group of elite sport management professionals will provide you with world-class academic achievement.

International Recognition

ESEI is a multilingual and multicultural group, with students and professors from over 92 nations involved since its inception in 1989.

Sports Business and Management Experience

Gain knowledge and skills by taking advantage of ESEI’s focus on project-based assessment.

A Solid Professional Network

Increase your professional network by networking with top corporate leaders during your Master’s programme at ESEI.

With ESEI’s Best Master in Sports Management programme, you can unleash a wide range of opportunities in sports management. Whether you’d like to guide the employees and amenities, promote sportspeople, or portray and negotiate deals on their behalf, ESEI’s programme can help you get there. From Sports Agents, Athletic Directors, Sports Marketing Account Managers, and Athlete Development Specialists to Sales Directors for Sports Equipment, Public Relations Managers, whatever your career goal is, our program is just for you.

Moreover, Event Coordinators, Business Development Coordinators, Advertising Managers, Retail Marketing Coordinators, and Digital Media Marketers are just a few of the jobs available to graduates. With ESEI’s Master’s program, you can take the first step toward a successful career in sports management.

Can’t simply watch the game; participate in it! Enroll in our Master of Sports Management programme today.


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