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Begin your International Education Journey at ESEI!

Are you ready to transform your academic and professional future? ESEI offers a unique blend of cultural immersion, dynamic weather, and cutting-edge career opportunities.

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Study in Barcelona at ESEI

Welcome to
ESEI International Business School!

We’re a community of education and business professionals devoted to inspiring and helping you achieve your dreams. 

Our University Business Courses are taught in English by top industry experts and provide a distinctive learning experience. We offer the best opportunity for you to meet top business leaders and learn from the best with industry insights you can apply while you Study Abroad in Spain.

08 Bachelor
Bachelor in Business
online masters
Online Masters
IMBA home
International MBA
digital transformation
Master in Digital Transformation in Business
02 Master Digital Marketing
Master Digital Marketing
06 Master Marketing Communications
Master in Marketing and Communication
07 Master International Relations
Master in International Relations and International Business
03 Master Tourism
Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management
01 Master Business Management
Master Business Management
innovation and entrepreneurship
Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship
04 Master Sports
Master in Sports Management

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Study Business from Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the greatest cities in the world. And there’s no better way of experiencing it than by immersing yourself in its culture and studying top University Business Courses from our Campus in Barcelona!

Barcelona Offers You:


Perfect Weather


Good Food




Job Opportunities


International Community


Business Hub

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Learn Spanish in Spain’s Cultural Heart!

Immerse yourself in the rich Spanish culture and language in Barcelona, a city celebrated for its vibrant history and stunning architecture. As you explore iconic sites like the artistic works of Antoni Gaudí and the lively streets of La Rambla, you’ll experience Spanish life up close. 

Language learning here transcends textbooks, offering you daily interactions with locals at markets, in cozy cafes, and during energetic festivals. Each conversation enhances your language skills in a way classroom learning never could.

Check out our Language Partner: Freeda Language Space!

Get the Job You’ve Always Wanted!

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