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Haramrit Singh – Business development & expansion coordinator (external partner)

Hola! I am Haramrit Singh A.K.A Harry. I help ESEI with Branding activities both internally and externally. I also coordinate with ESEI Ambassadors and work on ensuring that we build a community at ESEI. I can assist you with information related to the programs being offered at ESEI and the IMBA upgrade option. I can also help with any issues you might have and I am always open to hearing your feedback. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let us together make your ESEI Experience Memorable!

I can assist with:

  • Events
  • Agent Partnerships
  • External Partnerships
  • Partnerships with Schools
  • ESEI Ambassador Program
  • Branding Activities


Available Monday to Friday (9am – 5:30pm)

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