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Guest Speaker Session: Tim Cakir talks growth, tracking and hacking


ESEI Business school is working in collaboration with the Movistar Centre to present a series of free guest speaker sessions. Our next event  – Tracking n Hacking – Grow your Business and your Personal brand –  is taking place November 19th from 1:30 – 3:00 PM and will be led by growth hacker and agency founder Tim Cakir. Get your free tickets here.

ESEI Guest Speaker Sessions

Barcelona boasts a thriving business community. It’s the perfect base for anyone hoping to expand their knowledge and skills – in almost any professional area.
As part of our mission to help students learn independently, we organise free guest speaker sessions. We invite the city’s top talent to share their insights with us and our community.
In the past we’ve had marketing and PR pros, startup founders, tourism experts, and event organisers presenting to us, all bringing a fresh perspective and lots of practical advice.
Our next event will take place at the Movistar Centre, next to Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.


Introducing growth hacker Tim Cakir

Originally from Istanbul, Tim Cakir has lived in many cities around the world, including Seattle, Los Angeles, and London.
He came to Barcelona at the end of 2016, and soon decided it was a good place to settle down – and who can blame him?

“Barcelona helps you find a work-life balance – and doesn’t add stress to your daily life in the same way as London or New York,” he says. “People are much more easy going and we work to live, not vice versa.”

He worked for a local startup, before setting out on his own as a full-time consultant. Outside of work, he is also a talented DJ and music producer and you can find him at club nights in the city, or listen to him on his local radio show – on Barcelona City FM.
Tim is also the founder and CEO of Tracking n Hacking (or TnH for short), a new type of Full Stack growth agency.

His company’s mission is to increase the number of successful businesses in Europe. Working mostly with tech startups and enterprises, his team offers growth strategy and execution, helping his clients achieve rapid results. His agency also leads a number of talks and events where attendees learn the techniques behind growth hacking and how to develop a growth mindset.
In this talk, Tim will be explaining his methods, along with some top tools and practical advice. He’ll also tell us how to grow both your business and your personal online brand.

“People can expect real examples from my own experience, tips, tricks, techniques and tools that they can put to use in their own businesses and in their daily lives,”

In collaboration with Movistar centre

The  Movistar Centre is an initiative from Telefónica, which was conceived as an open space for local people. Offering a wide variety of activities related to innovation and technology, the centre emphasizes the changes we are experiencing thanks to the digitisation of our environment. It’s a space to visit and experiment in, to share new goals and opportunities, but overall, it’s a place to learn in and enjoy yourself.

When and where

November 19th from 1:30 – 3:00 PM
Movistar Centre
16 Plaça de Catalunya
08002 Barcelona

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