Ferran Tarradellas gives a lecture in ESEI on the challenges of the Juncker Commission


Ferran Tarradellas gives a lecture in ESEI on the challenges of the Juncker Commission


ESEI International Business School hosted a conference yesterday with the Director of the European Commission

Representation in Barcelona

 Barcelona, 4th December, 2014

 The Director of the European Commission Representation in Barcelona, Ferran Tarradellas, was yesterday at ESEI InternationalBusiness School to deliver a lecture entitled “The great challenges of the Juncker Commission“. The session was held in English and students of the International Relations Master as well as guests from the public joined.

 Tarradellas, after presenting the war panorama of Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth century-before and after 1951 (the year of the creation of the EC)- sketched the various institutions that make up the European Union. From here, Tarradellas explained the main concerns of European citizens, that make up the priorities of the Juncker Commission “the economic chapter, managing immigration, improve Europe’s position in the world and safeguard the rights of Europeans as active players who want to decide, as we have seen in the last elections to Parliament European “.

 Tarradellas explained that these priorities “arise from the real concerns of Europeans, expressed in various surveys”. Unemployment, economic crisis, immigration, foreign dependence on energy and international conflicts such as Syria and Ukraine are the main headaches of the Community residents”.

 After the conference, which lasted about 90 minutes, the audience was offered a glass of champagne served to continue the dialogue initiated between the guest lecturer and some students of International Relations.

 The Director of the EC in Barcelona wanted to emphasize that “studying International Relations in a world that is increasingly globalized, is very important, especially in a school that offers an international environment like ESEI “ 

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