Fernando Ozores - Technologies and Innovation in Business 1

Technologies and innovation in business

Fernando is a consultant and lecturer, who specialises in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. His professional experience is linked to new business development through new products, services and business models. He is also the founder and manager of Buenaidea, and  the proud father of his daughter.

“I started my career working in multinationals for six years. First in L’Oréal (Italy), to launch a new brand in the hair care category. Then I changed to IT consulting, working in R&D EU projects for Atos Origin,” he says.

“This last experience lead me to co-found an innovation consulting firm: Buenaidea. It has been running for 13 years. During this time I have been also been teaching and tutoring projects for entrepreneurs in Barcelona Activa and La Salle.”

Fernando is also a skilled facilitator of creativity workshops with broad experience in innovation processes – from opportunity recognition to going to market:


  • Design and facilitation of innovation processes to produce new products, services and business models.
  • User research and trend analysis to identify new insights and consumer patterns.
  • Explore old and new technologies to understand business transformations.

He is also a follower of Design Thinking methods. This is a user-centric approach that involves multidisciplinary teams, and quick & dirty prototypes that lead to desired-viable-profitable solutions.

When it comes to teaching, Fernando says, “I organize the classes thinking of what I wanted when I was student. I try to align the course content with student expectations. Whenever possible, I use new methodologies: project-based courses, flipped classroom, active learning; and I like to combine individual with group assignments.”

Collaborate as a Teacher