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Do students have any discounts? How can they be obtained?

Students can enjoy discounts in many places around Spain and Barcelona including cinemas, theaters, museums, tours, etc. Bus and subway tickets can not be discounted, but there are price reductions for inter-city trains. The most widely accepted document is the EURO 26 student card, but in many situations your ESEI/STUDENT NETWORK ID card will be enough.

How much money does the typical student need per month to live in BCN?

The budget for life depends on the necessities and capacities of individual students. Excluding accommodation, students need a minimum of 250€ a month for living in Barcelona, although a typical international student spends around 400€ a month for food, travel and other expenses.

For more specific price descriptions please visit our section about the city of Barcelona.

What language do people speak?

Barcelona, like all of Catalonia, has two official languages – Spanish (Castellano) and Catalan. You will find most people speaking Catalan on a daily basis, however Castellano is also spoken regularly, and it is perfectly acceptable to use it.

What is the weather like in Barcelona?

The weather in Barcelona is pleasant most of the year. However, you’ll experience the best weather from mid April to the end of July. Summer in Barcelona is typically hot and sunny with temperatures of 30ºC-40ºC in June-August. September is also a good month. You won’t find sunshine every day though, so be prepared for days when it could be overcast with a little rain. The weather in October and November is still pleasant but starts to get cooler. The lowest temperatures hover around 5ºC and occur mainly during December-January.

What’s the best way to move around the city?

Barcelona has a very well organized and effective transportation system including the subway, underground and above-ground trains, and day and night buses. A single-trip ticket costs 2,15€ and is valid for all the means of transport mentioned. Barcelona has also a system of bicycle stations called Bicing which lets you rent a bike for 49,16€ per year. Students can also buy or rent a scooter.

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