February 13

What insurance do I need while studying in Barcelona?


Students coming from European Union member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland are advised to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card entitles the holder to the same access to public sector health care (e.g. doctors, chemists, hospitals) as Spanish citizens. The EHIC does not cover you for private sector health care providers. The card can be obtained in your country, usually free of charge. Once you get to Spain it is recommendable to also support your EHIC card with the Spanish public health care (Seguridad Social).

As proof of travel/health/accident insurance and also in order to get a student visa, non-Europeans must present a letter from their insurance company stating that they will cover 100% (no deductibles) of any medical expenses incurred. The student’s insurance should also have a minimum  coverage of 30,000€ (or its equivalent in the country’s currency). While living in Barcelona you should apply for Seguridad Social – a social security number which entitles you to use Spanish public health care. You may, however, use private insurance if you have it. For Spanish public health care you will also need to apply for empadronamiento – a letter of residence stating that you are registered as living in Barcelona.


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