What accreditation does ESEI have?

/What accreditation does ESEI have?

For the ​bachelors in Business Administration, ESEI  is fully accredited. The degree is officially recognised under the local governmental educational authority with authorization code 08075402 and also independently accredited by NCC education (UK) under a direct entry pathway to the University of Worcester for the final year. You can be assured that with this double recognition of our degree, your BA (hons) qualification will be recognised across the world.


For the masters programmes, ESEI operates within the private educational sector. A fully licensed and approved Business School with stringent quality standards and 26 years of history, our masters degrees are designed for students who wish to go into the professional world, rather than continue in the academic environment. If your objective is to study a PhD in a public institution after your ESEI masters, then this is not the right programme for you. Our focus is on practical education for the world of work, as opposed to the world of research, and employers value and accept our masters qualifications.

From October 2018, UCAM accredit 4 of the Masters programmes offered at ESEI:
– Master in Marketing and Communication
– Master in Business Management
– Master in International Relations and International Business
– Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

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