February 13

Does ESEI offer accommodation service?


a. How much should I be prepared to pay for the room or apartment?

The prices for the room in a shared apartment are from 300€ to 500€ depending on the type of room (size, views, etc). You can also share a room with another student at an average of 250€ per person, or you can rent your own apartment starting from 600€. The bills are usually not included in the price, so you should be prepared to pay 50-70€ extra per month on gas, water, internet, etc.

b. Do I need a bank account in order to rent a flat?

Agencies usually require a Spanish bank account.

c. What else might I be asked for?

If you rent an apartment independently, you may also be asked for aval bancario, which is a type of a bank deposit or payment done two or three months in advance. You will also always be asked for a security deposit. Agencies will also charge you an agency fee.

d. What is a security deposit?

A security deposit is a payment, usually equal to one or two months of rent, that is made to the owner/agency in order to cover any possible damages to the apartment or to secure rent payments. If the apartment is in good condition when you leave it, the security deposit will be returned to you up to one month after the end of the contract. The security deposit cannot be used as a payment for the last month of rent.

e. Is it possible to rent accommodation for less than 12 months?

Yes, the rental periods are 3, 6, 10 and 12 months.

f. What happens if I want to leave the apartment before the end of the contract?

This would be a breach of contract and would result in the loss of your security deposit. If you provided a bank account, you may also still be charged monthly rent until the end of the contract. The best would be to ask in advance and before signing the contract.

g. Are the rooms offered by ESEI close to the university?

Yes, they tend to be within walking distance of the university.

h. What should I bring with me?

A standard apartment rented by StudentsFlats has 3-4 rooms, one bathroom, and is furnished and equipped with all the items needed for a comfortable and non-problematic stay. You will typically find a closet, bed, and some shelves in your room, and a sofa, dining table, and TV in the living room. Kitchens are equipped with a microwave, stove and oven, fridge with a freezer, dishes, and cutlery. The apartments usually do not have bed sheets, bed linens, curtains, towels, or bathroom mats. In most of the flats/rooms you will be provided with a quilt and a pillow, however they are not guaranteed. You can bring the things mentioned with you or buy them in Barcelona. The quilt, pillow, bed linens, and towels will all cost approximately 60€.


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