Evgenia Barsegiyan and her internship with TransformaBCN

Evgenia Barsegiyan and her internship with TransformaBCN 1

Last October I was fortunate enough to get an internship in the Marketing department of Transforma bcn. The company is a co-working space and a platform that is designed to promote collaboration, sustainability and entrepreneurship.  Transforma bcn has been launched only recently; therefore I am generally asked to help with various kinds of tasks, which mainly include conducting marketing research along with gathering and establishing a database of potential customers . Another great opportunity that I got through working at Transforma was to develop my professional writing skills. Often the space was used to hold different kinds of collaborative events; attracting artists and generally inspiring individuals to speak about their work. Each week I was assigned to interview the speaker and write articles for the Website to raise awareness about the issues they covered and attract more visitors to future events. As a result of the internship, I gained a number of practical skills through seeing how the business is run from the inside, improved my Spanish and acquired greater communication skills.

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