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Date: May 14
Time: 14:30 - 16:00

Guest speaker: Simisola Okoya, Head of Admissions at Esei Business School & Ecological soap maker


We’ve heard it said many times before, humanity is at the cross-road when it comes to sustainable development. How do we move forward without destroying all what we have strived so hard to achieve?

For me however, there was and still is a harder question.

What is my role in our planet’s fate? What part do I play in preserving a world in which all life is respected and cared for?

That’s where SoapingBCN was incidentally born. Incidentally because it was not something I planned for or ever dreamt of doing, but something that seemed so natural, an everyday experience that could be “ecologised”.

Join me as I explain how I ended up on this road that now seeks to eliminate plastic waste from cosmetic products. My little project, my accidental small idea, my little grain of sand in making a more sustainable planet.

My hope is that you’ll also be inspired to find your unique path capable of changing the future of our world.

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