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Date: Apr 23
Time: 14:00 - 15:00

Host: Esei

Mr. Jorge Estera, Founder of Esei will talk about how to create a successful Business based on his own experience creating Esei, your Business School. 

April 23rd is Saint George's Day. A very unique day in Barcelona where normally, all the streets are furnished with books and roses. We celebrate the patron saint of Catalonia following the legend of Saint George's knite who rescued the princesss and killed the dragon. From the dragon's blood, a rose brush grew. This is why men give roses to women. In parallel, women give books to men because it is the International Book's Day. It is all about love and culture. 

Mr. Estera has written several books from essays in creativity and education to a novel. He is willing to give you his book signed for your attendance and participation to make this day special. 

Where: Esei Garden

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