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Date: Jan 14
Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Guest speaker: Antonio Archer

Antonio Archer, 27, moved to Barcelona to study for a masters in Digital Marketing in July 2017, and was invited to work as an intern in Saba Aparcamientos, a car parking company. Over the last 2 years, he moved his way up to his current position in Saba, and in July 2020 he became responsible for e-commerce and the app. As a consequence of Covid-19 and a reduction of workload at Saba, Antonio grabbed the spare time and lockdown circumstances as an opportunity to build a new brand called Happo. It launched in April 2020 and the core of the business is selling reusable face masks online. On December 1st, they reached the 5.6M € mark in revenue. This was only possible through controlling costs and working according to the Agile methodology. Currently, on top of Saba and Happo, Antonio is working with some universities in Portugal and Spain as an associate professor. The Forbes 30 under 30 2021 process is coming to a close and Antoinio is one of the candidates for Ecommerce and Entrepreneurship.

Building a new company is always a risky task, and doing it during the pandemic is an even bigger challenge. Yet in the case of guest speaker Antonio Archer's company, Happo, it was always clear; there was a need, they had what it took to fill it, and the market opportunity appeared.
9 months ago, Happo was born; it went from Antonio's parents' basement to a 6M€ annual revenue brand. While they faced challenges, good teamwork and a well-organized methodology allowed them to make it a success story.
In this guest-speaker session, Antonio will take you through the journey from the beginning, starting with how they landed on the idea, how they found the right team, the first struggles, the tools they employed, and how they managed to grow so fast in such a short time.

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