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Esther Comin
Revenue Management

Esther Comin was born in Barcelona where she has worked all her life in some amazing and diverse roles. She started her career in the hotel industry in 1995, and she’s had the luck to work together with excellent professionals and brands, allowing her to grow very fast professionally. More than 20 years later, she is still absolutely in love with her profession and career.

She has worked mainly as a manager: her last roles were General Manager of huge hotels in the city and nearby. Her speciality is the Rooms Division, and she also focuses on Human Resources and training/mentoring.
Currently, she runs her own consulting firm, dedicating most of her time to executive and medium management mentoring and to correction of financial deviations in operations’ accounts.

She is a passionate speaker who really loves her job. She urges students to think for themselves and make their own deductions, as well as create new ways of understanding the business. She considers it very important to pay attention to people, as knowing how to respect and care about the needs of customers is indispensable in the industry.

Her consulting firm’s philosophy is rooted in an ancient Japanese art called Kintsugi, which stands for “the art of resilience”. Her core belief is that anything and anyone can be restored with enough dedication and a genuine will to surpass personal limitations.

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