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ESEI’s Induction Week- Fall 2021

This October, ESEI started its new 2021-2022 academic year and welcomed undergraduate and postgraduate students starting their studies in the fall semester. ESEI hosted many events like the enterprise challenge, human bingo, campus tour, Barcelona hidden gems walking tour, paella party as well as giving our students a brief introduction to the university, academic programmes and ambassador programme. Below are some pictures that were taken during induction for the fall semester of 2021 at ESEI international business school in Barcelona.

DSC08333 DSC08354 DSC08293 DSC08289 DSC08285 1 DSC08249 DSC08263 DSC08270 DSC08222 DSC08142 DSC08103 DSC08008 DSC07994 DSC07991 DSC07976 DSC07958 DSC07934 DSC07851 DSC07849 DSC07839 DSC08085 DSC08155 DSC08275 DSC08314 DSC08344 DSC08349 DSC08340 DSC08357 DSC07818 DSC07787 DSC07784 DSC07783 DSC07775 DSC07736 DSC07720 DSC07174 DSC07181 DSC07171 DSC07166 DSC07127 DSC07138 DSC07115 DSC07102 DSC07093 DSC07087 DSC07096 DSC07084 DSC07078 DSC07032 DSC07040 DSC07045 DSC07022 DSC07001 DSC07009 DSC07013 DSC07015 DSC06986 DSC06975 DSC06973 DSC06967 DSC06947 DSC06950 DSC06804 DSC06820 DSC06827 DSC06866 DSC06844 DSC06787 DSC06785 DSC06775 DSC06764 DSC06753 DSC06734 DSC06741 DSC06746 DSC06686 DSC06674 DSC06653 DSC06614 DSC06713 DSC06720 DSC06533 DSC06567 DSC06586 DSC06519 DSC06488 DSC06495 DSC06506 DSC06482 DSC06479 DSC06423 DSC06377 DSC06366 DSC06355 DSC06322 1 DSC06301 DSC06226 DSC06237 DSC06260 DSC06223 DSC06203 DSC06196 DSC06170 DSC06075 DSC06106 DSC06154 DSC06041 DSC06033 DSC06027 DSC06023 DSC05987 DSC05965 DSC05960 DSC05939 DSC08285 DSC07316 1 DSC07316



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