ESEI´s Director Carlota Estera and her trip through Latin America

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Carlota Estera, Director at ESEI, is making her way through Latin America; networking, exchanging ideas and learning how other educational institutions approach the field of business. At the moment, she is in Bogota, Colombia, with Daniel Morales. Daniel is a student at the prestigious University CESA (a partner of ESEI Business School), and came to Barcelona to pursue his eighth and final semester of his bachelor´s degree.

Daniel studied various business subjects in his time with ESEI; from consumer Behavior to Understanding Business and Management Organizations, and finished with an internship at KPMG. Having had such an incredible life experience and improved his C.V. immeasurably, Daniel returned to Colombia and is currently working on the stock exchange with Creditcorpcapital . It was such a pleasure to see Daniel at this point in his life; satisfied, professionally fulfilled and doing what he loves most.

If you are interested in applying to study a semester or more in ESEI, contact us! Also, If you want to learn more about Daniel´s experience, he will be more than happy to talk to you!

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