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ESEI´s Entrepreneur : Bartolomé Olivares


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Bartolomé Olivares, ESEI´s entrepreneur cycle, 2015 1st edition !


Last week ESEI had the chance to sit down with Bartolomé Olivares, an ex student of esei and a serial Entrepreneur, to talk about his current plans and projects. Bartolome has launched more than 3 start ups in a short period of time. These included GooTaxi, Barcelona´s first taxi application that enabled users to order their taxi via smartphone and using geolocation helped minimize waiting time.


Bartolomé studied his Bachelor in Business Administration at ESEI and he continued studying a MBA at Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid. At first glance Bartolome seems like an open, friendly and most importantly pro-active person. These characteristics are known to be of an entrepreneur as the job requires having an open mind for new ideas as well as the adaptability and strong will.


The ex-ESEI entrepreneur is currently working on ROAWDS a smart capsule that you place inside of your vehicle – whether a 4 or a 2 wheeler – which has the ability to detect if the vehicle (and you) have been involved in a traffic accident. The strong powerful algorithm enables the capsule to differentiate real accidents from just bumpy roads or surprise braking. As soon as it confirms an accident, the smart capsule and with help of a mobile app installed on the user´s phone , sends your location as well as your medical information to the emergency services minimizing delay time and also ensuring they have all the necessary equipment to treat the patient taking into consideration his or her medical history. This is especially critical in the case of hemophilia patients and patients on the Cintron medication who would need special care in case of a traffic accident. According to the European Union, ecall systems could save up to 2,500 lives a year only in the EU.  


The young entrepreneur is himself a patient of hemophilia and that´s why he was inspired to start this project with the aim of saving lives. His goal is not only to save lives within the E.U. but also to save lives around the whole globe. Bartolome explained how this technology can be used in collaboration with other companies around the world to make every vehicle on the road more safe.


Last month Bartolome won the first prize with ROAWDS at the Auto App Challenge after pitching his business in front of the 145 attendees of the ConnecteDriver conference organized by GPS Business News in Brussels.


Find more information about the product on the official website under : https://www.roawds.com/

Read more about the challenge under:  https://goo.gl/1QdbLc




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