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ESEI Social leadership programme 2016

In September 2015, we announced the start of our Social Leadership programme at ESEI, and we are proud to say that since its inception, our students have helped more than 270 students in high schools around Barcelona!

The project, run simultaneously by ESEI, ESADE Business School and the International University of Catalunya has helped a huge number of 14 to 17 year-old students improve their public speaking skills to better face the challenge of their final project presentation; a big deal in the catalan school system.

Social leadership class
At ESEI, we believe that leadership comes through synergy and through helping others so that we grow together, sustainably. The programme has proved successful in this regard, as our students develop leadership and empathy in a first-hand, experiential way. But don´t just take our word for it, Have a look at what our students said about it, as well as some videos they created to document their experience.


“What the lessons have taught me, teaching the participants Social Leadership, is that it is not only beneficial to society to give knowledge back to the public, but also that it feels exciting, seeing that the people really grasp it and benefit from it.”

“Young business people should be able to understand why social leadership is important but also how to be a social leader as they will be having to have group projects in their future company and to work in a social environment. As they will understand it, therefore, the company will work better and in a more efficient way.”

“In Social Leadership we put ourselves in the shoes of others to engage them to understand each other. I have learned that empathy does have a language, and it is a language that everyone can learn to speak.”

“I have often heard the word empathy or the phrase to be empathic, but never really understood the meaning behind it until I had this class of social leadership.”

“It has been a huge opportunity for me to have taught high school students in a collaborative and empathic learning experience. They understood how important emotional connection is and from the feedback we got from them; it’s amazing how this can be so influential.”

“we built each lesson plan with as little ‘lecture’ content as possible and encouraged students to build their own content, think critically, answer questions and learn from each other. In many ways, we only acted as their ‘servants’ by providing them with relevant content and examples and the tools to practise what they learn. By the end of the experience the students could recall and apply the key messages of the lessons, as well as developed skills beyond the limits of what we taught, in order to achieve the objectives.”



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