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ESEI Guest Speakers: Cafe Fred

Cafe fred event

On the 24th of October, David and Jorge Boleas, founders of Café Fred Barcelona came at ESEI to give a talk to the students about the Lean Startups methodology and Creative processes through the story of their company.

They explained that the idea of Café Fred came to them when they remembered how, every morning in summer, at a bar in the town  where they grew up; warm, filtered coffee would be poured into glass bottles and left  in a fridge. Cold coffee would then be  served to customers after lunch.

Cafe Fred Guest This  childhood memory and their desire to find an  alternative to using filtered  coffee  brought them to discover a technique called cold  brew. It also answered the  dilemma: why make hot coffee if it is going to be drunk  cold?’

They decided to create the Fred and change from their own design and photography  careers to being entrepreneurs who “do things with maximum care and attention to  detail”.

Today, 2 years after the original idea, Cafe Fred is present in 80 establishment around Spain ! Find where to get their products here.



They concluded the talk by giving some useful advice to all the future ESEI entrepreneurs:

“A great idea is nothing without a plan. Plan ahead, plan every detail, an idea is just the starting point.
How you bring that idea into the real world will make the difference”.


Again, ESEI would like to thank David and Jorge for coming to share their story, and also the 60 attendees from the different programmes for their very active participation.

Find more about Café Fred here.



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