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ESEI Professor Laura Soler on Coaching Sessions at ESEI for Postgraduate in Marketing and
Communication, International Business and Hospitality Management Students.


faroOn January 10th, ESEI Professor Laura Soler Soler, as part of the Marketing Postgraduate Program, conducted the first of a series of executive group coaching session with and for our students, here on our campus in Barcelona. ESEI believes that every student graduating from either our Bachelor’s in Business Studies or Executive Master’s Programs should take with them, not just a diploma, but the necessary tools, resources and an established business network of business contacts two decades in the making since the founding of ESEI. We aim to give our students a step-up-on-the-way-up by facilitating and guiding them through their future ventures and career paths. We have been enhancing uniqueness and fostering entrepreneurship and responsible business practices since 1989.

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