ESEI Alumni: Constance Barrial du Breuil

When our students finish their course, they stay part of our community.

When we decided to start checking in on how everyone was doing from the most recent Masters cohort, Constance came to mind first; not only because she was known as “the runner” among the students for her fast-paced lifestyle, but because we knew that with her particular get-up-and-go, she would surely have an interesting tale to tell. We finally caught up with her in the lovely El Atril and had a chat over lunch.

Here´s what she had to say.


What did you do before ESEI?

I studied a Bachelor in Marketing in Montreal, Canada and I also did an internship there. My objectives were to discover the American culture and system while studying in order to get an broader understanding of how things work in North America.

This experience showed me the difference between the European and American systems too. There the students are all very active, they are part of clubs, working or doing an internship at the same time as they are studying and this gave me the motivation and the drive to combine all the theory I learned in school with the practical experience I could get from companies through my internships.

I then came back to Paris, France, where I worked for one year in an IT company within the Sales department. Sales was a logical continuation and the right combination for me after studying Marketing as I wanted to get to grips with not only knowing how to promote a product, but how to actually sell it.

What were your objectives when you decided to study your Masters with ESEI?

I planned to study for my Master right after my getting my Bachelor degree but I wanted to get a strong professional work experience first. This way to proceed is more common in the US than in Europe. This was the logical step for me to continue combining theoretical and practical approaches. When I looked at the different schools and universities, ESEI was very interesting because it was promoting this combination of work/studies, a more practical approach to education as the classes were in the evening and internship possibilities were offered. My objectives during my year of study at ESEI were mainly to give more maturity and professional value to my studies, and also to help me move into management role and take on more responsibilities in my future experiences.

alumni Did your objectives change during the Masters?

As my group was mixed with the masters in ICT and Start-Ups during the first  semester, I got interested in entrepreneurship, which I didn’t think about before.  Also, through the Master in Business Management, I learned how to lead a team and  how to manage a company or a department, which is what I was looking for. The  masters met the objectives I had before starting and also gave me new ideas about  businesses, such as the desire to, one day, open my own business.


How would you describe your experience at ESEI?

I would say that my year at ESEI brought me gave what I was looking for. The masters was very complete and allowed me to study and work at the same time, which was one of my main objectives. The teachers were professionals in their field, not only giving classes but also managing people and working outside. This gave the classes a real-time business approach and this is what added value to the different concepts I learned. One of the good thing was that the groups were quite small (20 students) so the atmosphere in class and the attention we got from the teachers and also the classmates was more personal. We build friendships among the students that were in class together.

What are you doing now?talk

I am currently working in a Start-up company called DenDen, which has built a service of hosting and maintaining shop’s online identity that is now used by hundreds of shops in central Barcelona.

At the core of the platform, we are building a mobile augmented reality game where players help shops in their community. My role at DenDen as a Customer Development Manager is evolving very rapidly along with the development stage of the company. I worked on creating and developing a repeatable sales process for our service. Now, we are focusing on how to scale our service through the development of a mobile application.

What are your plans for the future?

I really enjoy my job today as I am working in a dynamic and demanding environment with an international team. I would like to get more experience but if I think towards a more long term plan, I would like to open my own company. I would then use the knowledge and skills I acquired from my previous professional and personal experience as well as the ones still to come!

Any advice for new students?

I would say to them that ESEI is going to give them all the knowledge and tools to succeed, but that success will come from their own attitude and motivation!

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