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Eric Camps describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and frankly, after learning that he is currently working on his fifth start-up, we tend to agree with him! Mr. Camps is a fountain of entrepreneurial knowledge. From automobile accessories to real estate to restaurant chains, Mr. Camps has experience with start-up businesses across a diverse range of industries and around the globe.

As part of ESEI´s newly launched Entrepreneur´s Circle, ESEI alumni Eric Camps, was kind enough to invite a select group of our students to Butifarring, please click on the link or visit www.butifarring.com, his latest start-up venture.


On March 14th, ESEI students met Eric Camps, to sit down over some delicious butifarra sandwiches and free cokes, to tell us about his entrepreneurial journey, from his graduation here at ESEI to present day. To read more about Eric Camps, please click here.

eric-camps-dutrem linked in picThe format of the EC allows small groups of students to sit down over coffee or lunch with a successful entrepreneur, to ask questions in regards to their future roles as leaders, managers and/or entrepreneurs.

ESEI would like to thank Mr. Camps for spending so much of his valuable time sharing insights, tips and advice with us as well as answering our student´s questions and treating us to free drinks!

Thanks, Eric!


Below are a few of the tips that Mr. Camps shared with ESEI students:

Team selection: Choosing your team is crucial to the success of your start-up. Mr. Camps selected a top chef, here in Barcelona, to become both partner and corporate chef. Albert Gomez worked with Ferran Adriá, founder and owner of world-renowned and 3 Michelin Star restaurant el Bulli. Mr. Gomez is currently the top chef for this first location of Butifarring in Carrer del Call 26, 08802 Barcelona and will travel to subsequent Butifarring locations, for three-month periods, to train new chefs before the opening of further locations in Barcelona or abroad.

Traits of an Entrepreneurial Mind: An entrepreneur needs to be a quick-thinker and action-taker. Successful leaders, he says, need, not only to fix problems quickly, but to be able to recognize how to turn these’problems´ into potential opportunities for further ventures, new businesses, or to create innovative business models and practices.

To illustrate this point, Mr. Camps explained that handling both money and food can be problematic for his staff who are forced to wear gloves and remove them each time they access the cash register. Butifarring has found an innovative and fun way of turning this challenge into an opportunity. Customers place their order with the sales attendant and then continue on to an automatic payment machine which, also prints out customer receipts and sends the details of their order directly to the kitchen. The added benefits to the business are several:

1. Time savings in relation to staff who need only process the order without cash transactions

2. Reduction in human error in regards to closing out the register in the evenings and giving change to customers.

3. Adds an extra element of fun and innovation to the ambience of the gourmet, fast-food restaurant.

Key Resources for a Start-Up: In his vast experience, Eric believes there are four key elements or resources needed for the successful launch of a start-up; contacts, equilibrium, knowledge of the business, a good work ethic and finally, funds to start your business, of course!

Are you interested in becoming our next Entrepreneurial Success Story? Do you think you have what it takes to start-up your own business? If so, we can help! Please click here to contact us for further information.

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