Coworking spaces – a great opportunity to work abroad

The coolest learning walk to the MOB cowoking space

Next Tuesday April 29th at 5.15pm, Esei students will meet at Bailen street, number 11 to visit the MOB (Makers of Barcelona), the best coworking space in the city with a fabcafe and 3D printing! As part of our entrepreneur’s circle, Esei students will benefit from the one-to-one meetings with entrepreneurs working there.

With more and more freelancers worldwide, coworking spaces are tailored to meet their needs. Some better than others.

The MOB is one of the most Coworking spaces - a great opportunity to work abroad 2innovative coworking spaces here in Barcelona and a reference worldwide. It is a coworking space, but so much more than that: it’s a makerspace, a fabcafe, a space for events, an inspiring learning environment, in fact it is a collaborative community.

The goal of this session is to get to see coworking spaces as a perfect networking opportunity abroad and an alternative to open new markets at an initial low fee to possibly engage in fruitful collaboration.

After visiting the site, we will get insights to startups located in different countries and using the MOB as a platform, to enter a new market and to further develop one’s own business ideas on site.

All Esei students are welcome… Meeting point: Bailen street, n.11. Closest tube station: Arc de Triomf

If you are a teacher, alumni or you are not from esei but you want to join, please send us an email and we will try our best to take you with us!

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