Chloe Mayer  - Mathematics in Business 1

Chloe Mayer
Mathematics in Business

Chloé has been living in Barcelona for seven years, after spending most of her life in Paris. She currently teach maths to bachelor’s students at ESEI and also teaches Economics and Statistics at other locations.

After her studies, which focused on maths, economics and finance, she began her career at the Ministry of Finance in France, dealing with the French Government Debt.
Chloé then joined the AXA insurance company, where she initially worked for the investment department, dealing with insurance portfolios. Her specific expertise was in the area of hedge fund investments.
After several years, she moved to Spain where she was in charge of an international accounting project for AXA. She was responsible for a transition in countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

She made the move into teaching because she liked the idea of transmitting knowledge and “tricks”.  

“I like the challenge of adapting myself to suit my students in order to find THE way that they will understand. Nothing is more rewarding that a student that says “I finally got it”!”, she says.

Chloé is an outdoorsy person. She tells us “I love any sea sports, but especially kitesurfing. every time you can feel a little breeze, my mind escapes and think of the waves and the ocean.”

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