Career Bootcamps

Thinking about a career in business?

Develop your professional skills and leadership mindset

August 22nd - September 9th

10 am to 1pm 

Experiential Learning this summer focused on developing your Leadership, Communication and Project Management Skills
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15 hours

Be a business leader in the 21st century global environment

Develop your leadership qualities and practices. Examine individual and group behaviour in the workplace and how it might influence an organisation's communication, conflict management, motivational techniques and talent management

22nd - 26th August 2022



15 hours

Learn effective verbal and nonverbal communication in the workplace

Explore different persuasion, negotiation and conflict resolution techniques and learn when to apply them, and last but not least we will develop your networking skills and work on establishing your personal brand.

29th August - September 2nd 2022



15 hours

Participate in a project simulation as a form of experiential learning.

Understand the key pillars that lead to the successful management of a project, such as time management. planning. scheduling, controlling, resource allocation, and performance measurement methods.

5th - 9th September 2022


Career Bootcamps 3

One global project

You will work on one ongoing, progressive project throughout the 3 bootcamps which asks you to apply the learning to a real-world business scenario. At the end of the semester when you have completed the Foundations of Business program, you will present your project to the 3 program facilitators. 


All teachers present.

Friday 9th September, 2.30pm - 5.30pm


Career Bootcamps 4
  • 3 bootcamps : 1500€

* Minimum 8 students to run each bootcamp

*If you pay before April 15th 2022

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