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Marketing and communication testimonial Marlene Brandtner

Marketing and communications: a testimonial for the best course in Barcelona

Best Masters in Marketing and Communication in Barcelona! A testimonial from Marlene Brandtner

Marketing and Communication is one of the most targeted subjects of recent years for students, as more and more young people understand the career opportunities and the importance of this topic for brands.

In fact, many students seek to master a wide spectrum of skills in marketing so that they can focus on a specialization depending on the future work position they will encounter.

Having the chance of focusing on more than one sub-topic of marketing, plus adding steadfast communication skills, makes a post-graduated more desirable to an employer, who will eventually value general competencies and type of certification above other factors.

How to build a Marketing and communication career: a testimonial for ESEI

Marlene Brandtner was a student at ESEI taking the Master in Marketing & Communication.

She began her path with one of the biggest dreams one can have: starting her own business and becoming the chief of herself.

While highlighting how stimulating was the atmosphere at ESEI, Marlene admitted that her journey would have not been the same if she hadn’t passed through the learning program and the networking opportunities found at school.

In fact, the scope of the course is as broad as the doors that it opens, providing students with a wide array of skills that can be applied in fields like sales, marketing and promotion, advertising, human resources, training and coaching, and others.

Eventually, Marlene achieved her goal and started her own business: today she helps individuals and businesses set clear goals and overcome obstacles to reach them faster, focusing on revenue growth, product quality, and expansion of the sphere of influence.

Finally, she still has the chance to test other marketing skills in external projects that require specific consultations.

Check her testimonial video here.

Studying in Barcelona + 3 personal questions students ask to themselves

As Marlene underlines, people in Barcelona are something special: diversity is a synonym for open-mindedness and the feeling of being welcomed is a constant vibe.

It’s not a case that young people choose the Catalan capital as a place to live and grow,  not only for the number of tourists and students but also for all the companies and startups that keep a constant job offers in many industries.

But before packing up and moving to study in Spain, revise the answers to these questions; they usually pop up in the back of your head and they’re related to the feeling of “not being ready yet” or to procrastination.

This is why addressing them openly will help to catch all the incredible opportunities that are right in front of you.

  • Can I do this? Switch the motivation on, remember even one single goal and hold to it. Your best performance will rise naturally.
  • Can I make this work? Check your cards: logistically, financially, and even emotionally. Often what seems practically impossible becomes accessible by pausing or adjusting the study/work one is doing. An experience abroad is worth ten times an additional month of routine, and it’s a gloomy badge for your CV.
  • Will I learn something valuable doing this? Sense of adventure aside, living abroad makes you grow as a person and as a professional, no question about it. What often happens is that students arrive with the idea of being dropped in the fire, but start realizing how pointless their fears are right from day one.

Marketing and communications: the trending master for future heroes

Being able to move abroad, learn and speak new languages, fulfilling a dream and reach goals little by little is what makes young people future heroes, just like Marlene did with her learning path.

Her approach and subsequent success teach that true heroes are those who have the courage and will of using the possibilities they have. In fact, not every student has practical access to high class education and network building, and this is why not wasting the chance to become who we want gets double value.

One can think of what Marlene did as a matter of believing, being given access, and working for it (trying to have as much fun as possible along the way).

A Master’s in this sphere is one of the paths that can unlock a prosperous career and make students fulfill their dream, eventually becoming a hero, someone with the skills to change the present and build the future.

ESEI’s Master in Marketing and Communication includes a qualification accredited by the Universidad Católica de Murcia (UCAM); some of the topics it covers are:

  • Sustainable marketing strategies to be modeled for different industries, applicable both on analog and digital channels.
  • Mindset and skills to become a goal-oriented and data-driven professional
  • Digital tools and software used to maximize and optimize marketing campaigns (topics with no coding or tech skills needed)
  • Strategic communication, building presentation abilities, and Public Relations nuts and bolts to wipe out shyness and nervousness when in business environments
  • Innovative communication, to feel confident in proposing new ideas and have the basics to support the launch of new projects

Also, students will learn that a Brand needs to be perceived coherently in all of its customer-facing channels, physical or digital, and possibly aim to create a sticky memory of a wonderful experience when interacting with it.

In the end, marketers work for people, as their goal is to carve a sensation, a feeling related to a Brand in their audience.

From another angle, effective communication is related to social success, unfolding with the ability to present and relate with the audience, other than building new connections.

All of these skills delivered under ESEI’s flag helped Marlene build her dream and can help you build yours.

You can find more about the Marketing and communication prospect by clicking here.

Are you ready to start a new experience in Barcelona and follow Marlene’s steps? Contact us for a WhatsApp chat or a quick call and we’ll be glad to give you more details!

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