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Business Specialisation Diplomas > Digital Marketing and Transformation

ESEI’s Digital Marketing and Transformation Specialisation will equip students with a strong foundation in the practical skills and knowledge required by digital startups and corporations all over the world. Digital Marketing is key to the success of any business, organisation or cause, and Digital Transformation is a requirement for the survival of any 21st century entity. This specialisation is perfect for results-oriented, creative young people who are looking to make it in the digital sphere, or who simply want to be in the loop when it comes to the ongoing digital disruption of all industries.

Semester 1 (25 ECTS credits): 

- 3 x 5 ECTS credit courses in specialised business area
- 10 ECTS credit Responsible Business project:
Students must choose a specific cause or problem in the field of responsible business on which to focus their project (this could come from a social, environmental or economic standpoint, or perhaps all three). The objective is to ideate, develop and hopefully implement a project that contributes to the development of responsible business. The proposal should put forward a strategy and steps to address the chosen cause or problem.
*Supervised by a project tutor

Semester 2 (35 ECTS credits): 

- 3 x 5 ECTS credit courses in specialised business area
- 20 ECTS credit group-based capstone project
In groups, students will develop a capstone project (focused on their specialisation area) which is a research-based piece of work that can be submitted in various forms, including a multimedia presentation, film, event, simulation or paper. This project will be started at the end of the students’ first semester and will culminate in a formal presentation or exhibition of it.
*Led by a project mentor.

Programme overview


Digital Marketing Tools, Technologies and Trends

In this module, students will be introduced to the ever-expanding toolbox of strategies, channels, technologies and platforms that facilitate effective digital marketing in the 21st century business landscape. They will explore the different digital marketing technologies available and find out how they can be used strategically to meet the long-term mission and goals of the company. Students will be given an overview of how organisations employ tools such as social media, email marketing, SEO/SEM, apps, automation etc. in a holistic way to market their product/service.

Social Media Marketing

How can a company communicate effectively through Social Media? How can it reach its target and achieve its objectives? In this module students will learn the different characteristics of every Network, their nature and different communication techniques. Through real examples and active exercises the student will effectively master advertisement and branding in Social Media. The overall objective of the module is to develop attitudes and skills to design and implement a winning Social Media Strategy for a real company. In addition, students will look at how Social Ads are used as a type of advertising which companies use to promote their products or services on different social networks, especially Facebook. Ensuring the right types of ads and developing optimal strategies will give us the desired results.

Inbound Marketing

From attracting leads to delighting the customers, in this module students will learn all the steps necessary to take a marketing plan to the next level. Inbound marketing is one of the most used techniques to get quality traffic on a website, in an organic way. This technique is designed to attract potential clients by offering content of interest oriented towards their needs and inquiries as consumers. Students will leave this module with an understanding of how inbound marketing helps us in our digital marketing strategy and learn how to attract quality traffic, create keyword strategies, convert users into leads and more.


Digital Transformation: Significance, Strategies and Challenges

Over the past years, technology has disrupted the way companies operate, what consumer needs look like and how we interact, among many other things. It has redefined the how’s of many businesses. Digital disruption and transformation therefore takes centre stage in the global business landscape and indeed the economy. In this module, students will discover what exactly is meant by the term Digital Transformation, what factors or forces drive its need, and why it leads the future of business. Once understood, the course will introduce and examine the strategies and challenges faced by companies when it comes to their digital transformation. Topics such as customer data platforms, automation, agile methodologies and changing business cultures, workplaces, and workflows will be explored.

Digital Transformation Trends and Technologies

Digital transformation isn’t about a business employing all the latest technologies on the market; it is about optimising the value delivered to customers by applying technologies that empower companies and customers. The Covid-19 crisis provided an opportunity for the business ecosystem to put brewing strategies of digital transformation in practise, and we have seen both the strengthening of existing digital transformation technologies and the emergence of new technologies. In this module, students will be introduced to the top digital transformation trends and technologies of today, including: Big Data and Analytics, Internet of Things and 5G, Mobile, Augmented Reality, AI and Machine Learning, Cloud Technology and more.

Data-driven Business

Data is the engine to business success in today’s digital economy; businesses must use data in their business processes in order to fuel digital business transformation. This module takes students through how this is done and for what benefit, ultimately gaining insight into how a data-driven business means better results in the form of improved customer (and employee) engagement and value, optimized business processes and enhanced business metrics. Students will learn how a company can: enhance opportunity for data collection; analyse, understand, manage, govern and optimize data it already has (in a sustainable and ethical way); create a data-driven culture and integrate data into business processes and their core business model. The course will also introduce students to the basics of data analytics.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer scholarships?

Please refer to our Scholarship page

Do you offer internships?

Job opportunities hugely depend on your qualifications, skills and experience. Around 10 offers are provided by ESEI / month, and we are in direct contact with more than 20 companies and 2 HR agencies for offers each semester. We offer assistance with all of this through our dedicated career services.
You can find more information about our Career Services through the following link
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Student Accommodation Options:
1) we provide a list of student accommodation agencies that help our students find their ideal home in barcelona, with attractive promotional codes specific to our students.
2) there is a relocation package with an accommodation agency, you will pay a certain fee and they will send you the accommodation letter you will need for the visa, and they will do the apartment hunt for you and find you the specs you want. More details on both option can be accessed

What is the application deadline?

Non-EU citizens needing a student visa to study in Spain, should make sure to secure admission at least three months before the start of the courses to avoid delays in arrival to Barcelona. Late applications received one month prior to the start date of the course will be considered based on the available places left in the programme. Because of the limited number of places available in our programme, we advise you to start your application as early as possible. Applications are being received for the upcoming intake.

Will I receive administrative support from the school...

Will I receive administrative support from the school for my residency documents?

ESEI has guidelines on all administrative processes undertaken by students and the school’s staff supports students with this on a one-to-one basis.

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