Business Degree Structure

//Business Degree Structure
Business Degree Structure 2017-11-14T12:41:49+01:00

Fall semester

Leadership and Organizational Behaviour 7.5 ECTS 
Fall semester level 4
Professional & Academic Communication 7.5 ECTS
Markets, Prices & Strategy 7.5 ECTS
Mathematics in Business 7.5 ECTS

Spring semester

Finance for Performance Management 7.5 ECTS 
Spring semester level 4
Understanding Business Organizations 7.5 ECTS
Business Online 7.5 ECTS
Strategic Marketing in Action 7.5 ECTS

Fall semester

Quantitative Research in Business 7.5 ECTS 
Fall semester level 5
Efficiency in Business Operations 7.5 ECTS
Technology in Business Organizations 7.5 ECTS
Consumer Behavior 7.5 ECTS

Spring semester

Strategic Digital Marketing 7.5 ECTS 
Spring semester level 5
Advanced Financial Management 7.5 ECTS
Organizations and Individuals 7.5 ECTS
Macroeconomics for Business 7.5 ECTS

Fall semester – Spring semester

Strategic Operations and Quality Management 
Fall and Spring Semesters Level 6
Management and Organisational Behaviour
Business-to Business Marketing
Management Accounting and Finance
Business Research Methodology
Business Strategy
International Marketing Strategy
Business Analysis and Decision Making
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Esei has signed agreements with NCC Education to deliver online the validated and awarded degree Bachelor Honours in Business Administration with the University of Worcester in the United Kingdom.

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