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We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Cairo Graduate College (CGC) in Egypt.

This is part of our vision to expand access to education to students all over the world, and is available for those enrolling into our Master’s in Business Management programme starting in October 2020.

We spoke to Carlota Estera (Managing Director at ESEI) and Ahmed Alaa Fayed (PhD Founder and CEO at Cairo Graduate College) to learn more about this exciting collaboration, and find out what’s next for the future of ESEI.

Cairo Graduate College
CGC’s story is inspirational. Ahmed Alaa Fayed and a team of social scientists had a vision to become Egypt’s first specialised graduate school. They wanted to offer students the chance to grow through knowledge creation and employment training. They envisaged a platform for exchanging ideas, creativity and discovery. To fill the gap in, and realise their vision, they established Cairo Graduate College.

We couldn’t think of a better school to partner with on our Master in Business Management. Just like ESEI, Cairo Graduate College prides itself on being a school for lifelong learning. They are also an independent evidence-based graduate institute who list academic freedom and equal opportunity as two of their core values.

Esei location Cairo

The partnership

Why now?
ESEI has thirty years of experience, and holds an international presence and reputation that we want to develop further.

Due to COVID-19, this year ESEI was pushed to offer online courses. But in doing so we’ve been forced to evolve. Thanks to our fast and efficient team, we were able to give high quality, dynamic and innovative classes. We have been so proud of everyone involved in making this happen, and it’s opened our eyes as to what is possible.

We now have the technology in place to offer our courses as a blended option. Our familiarity with video classes, asynchronous learning and online training means we have become better equipped for distance learning. And while it can be a challenge, blended learning offers up fantastic opportunities – like being able to take classes from anywhere in the world. So when CGC approached us with the partnership in mind we jumped at the opportunity.

Ahmed believes it’s essential to integrate both online and face-to-face learning. “We are social beings, we cannot just rely on online learning,” he says. “But given how fast the world is and how busy people can be, online education does indeed solve a problem”.

Management CGS

New opportunities for ESEI

ESEI is excited about the fantastic opportunity to work with Ahmed and his impressive team of professors. “It’s the perfect combination of trust and moving forward,” says Carlota Estera.

This is a new business model for ESEI, and one that carries lots of opportunities internationally. “We are able to recruit students locally, alongside students interested in moving to study with us here in Barcelona,” says Carlota.

New opportunities for Cairo Graduate College
Cairo Graduate College has chosen to partner with us because of our reputation as a leading European business school. In doing so, they hope to better prepare their students for challenges in the future. And build on their students’ general business management and leadership skills through project-based learning.

“We believe that partnering up with a leading European business school such as ESEI, will allow us to better equip our students to be agile in the current dynamic world,” says Ahmed.

As half of the course will be taught by Spanish professors, students will also get the much-needed international exposure. Another advantage is that they are able to finish the course in one year, which can help accelerate their careers. Students will also have access to an e-library and a number of professional and educational study tours in Spain.

The Business Management Master’s programme

Currently there are three different pathways you can take for this course. One of which is now a blended learning option. This allows learners in Egypt to take 50% of the course online with ESEI and 50% on the Cairo campus with CGC professors.

Learning goals
The main objective for the Master’s in Business Management programme is to develop and advance students’ professional careers. By enhancing their practical and intellectual skills, as well as their academic and technical knowledge, students come away well-equipped for a glittering career in business.

Career opportunities
Business Management graduates go on to work in a range of different fields. These include business consulting, marketing, human resources, business development, finance, investment and banking sectors.

At Cairo Graduate College, graduates are encouraged to become entrepreneurs. And they are provided the support they need to succeed. “When starting their own business, our startup incubator plays an important role by providing seed funding, workspace and mentoring,” says Ahmed. This is particularly promising news for Cairo graduate students, as university incubated businesses have been found to generate more jobs than those incubated elsewhere.

Future plans for partnering with other schools around the world

There are many future partnerships in the pipeline here at ESEI. Since publishing our international expansion on social media, we have been approached by a collaborator to find ways to expand in Turkey. “We are taking the best steps to be as efficient as we have been in Egypt,” says Carlota.

ESEI is currently in search of new international partners: institutions which are already offering business courses and are willing to offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Business programmes in collaboration with us. This will help expand our business programmes and strengthen our leadership, entrepreneurship and social business projects.

It’s a promising venture for us all. As Carlota says, “When business partnerships flow, they are a great opportunity to grow and innovate.”

Apply now for our Master in Business Management, or download our brochure for more information!

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