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American students summer internships in Barcelona




Last summer Esei welcomed students from the USA who came to study in our school and were also able to find internships for the duration of their stay. Here is what they had to say about it:


When asked about why she decided to study abroad…

I chose to study abroad because I wanted to learn a new culture, and have a broader scope of the world. I also chose to study abroad because I had the opportunity to intern with a company which would benefit me in my career path.”

(Soyeon Lee,University of Kentucky)la foto 1.JPG


Another student was asked about his greatest experience in barcelona and he had this to say:

I went to Pamplona. It was incredible! I met a guy on the plane and he invited me to his house to have a meal together. He showed me Pamplona and I ran with bulls.”

la foto 2.jpg

(David Mullins,Eastern Kentucky University )

la foto 3.jpg

And when this student was asked about the internship that he got at FutureMusicForum and how it was going so far, he said:

Better than I can ever imagine.”


(Alex Mullins,Eastern Kentucky University )


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