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creativityWe firmly believe in learning by doing. Therefore, active or experiential learning is an integral part of the programme.

Whilst at ESEI, you are provided with learning experiences that give you ongoing opportunities to bridge academic theory and real-world practice.

Our faculty emphasise the development of skills and competencies that you will need as you embark on your career. They employ a combination of teaching methods including case studies, discussions, team and individual projects.

Several times throughout each semester, we welcome guest speakers, giving our students the invaluable opportunity to learn from their wealth of experience and expertise.

Meet some of our guest speakers >>>

students-competitionsEvery year ESEI students participate in international student competitions when they can challenge themselves and share ideas with students form all around the world.

Past competitions ESEI students participated in include:

2010 Henkel Innovation Challenge

2009 Education Without Borders – Innovation Solutions to Global Challenges

We organise industrial visits to companies helping to familiarise our students with the main sectors and company departments in order to examine the similarities and differences between industries and business activities.

So far this academic year, we have visited the following companies:


Estrella Damm

Barcelona Stock Exchange

Transforma BCN


We have implemented learning walks as another active learning tool. It helps our students to get better insight into the corporate life. They can observe and participate in processes that take place in companies applying their academic knowledge about them.

learning-walkSo far this academic year, we have visited the following companies and venues:

Palau de Congressos de Catalunya