An office or a community? A visit to the Google HQ in Dublin

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At ESEI, one of our main goals is to set our students up for their future careers. We do everything we can to make sure that you get insight into what your work life will be like once you finish your studies. During your time with us, we aim to equip you with all the skills and knowledge you will need to excel professionally.

Recently, we organised a trip to the Google headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Our group of Digital Marketing Master’s students saw some behind the scenes action and caught a glimpse of daily life in the European head office of a global tech giant!

A European Silicon Valley

Dublin is one of Europe’s most dynamic tech hubs. The area around Grand Canal Dock, near the city centre, is often referred to as Silicon Docks: no other neighbourhood in Europe has such a high concentration of international tech companies and startups.
This innovation centre houses the European headquarters of nearly all the world’s largest social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s also home to the offices of Airbnb, Accenture, Indeed, Pinterest and HubSpot, to name a few.

As soon as we arrived in Dublin, we headed to one of the biggest (and possibly the coolest) office in the Silicon Docks district: Google.

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At Google’s European head office

The tall, glass-walled building stands imposingly in the busy Barrow street. As we enter the lobby, we’re all wondering what it must be like to come to work at this impressive building every morning.

Patricia Marco Hinarejos, Agency Account Strategist at Google, welcomes us with a short speech. After all our students have received the accreditation required to enter the building, the tour begins.
Patricia leads us through many different floors and rooms. We see the main conference room, which has a gorgeous view of what seems like the entire city, the music room, the gym, the cafeteria, with its indispensable foosball, pool and ping-pong tables, and the terraces. The only rooms we are not allowed to enter are, understandably, the ones where Google employees are hustling away.

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As we walk through the corridors and up the stairs, all painted with Google’s emblematic green, blue, red and yellow colours, it feels like we’re breathing in the cheerful vibe of the office. It’s obvious that Google has gone to great lengths to keep the invaluable talent working within these walls inspired and motivated.
The tour ends with a talk and a Q&A session in one of the meeting rooms about Google, its most important products and the vision and company mission.

Before leaving, we each leave a comment in the guest book: a huge whiteboard with colourful scribbles all over it.

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Takeaways from our trip

Besides getting a glimpse into the everyday lives of Google employees in Dublin, the most important things we learned were about the different apps and services that Google provides. Many of us had no idea about the extent of the services they offer to companies and agencies, especially in the realm of advertising. We were blown away by the new features they’re developing.

However, the most surprising part was seeing the way that the company works. The employees are a part of a strong community. They manage their time and their workload not just as individuals but as members of that community. The office provides a great space for mixing work and pleasure: they have everything on site including a gym, places to eat and even a music studio. It fosters a sense of community in every possible way—and we can only imagine how fun it must be to work there.

Our students were eager to find out how they could apply for a job at the Google head office in Dublin, and our tour guides offered to give them more information. According to Google’s website, they currently have 286 job openings in different fields, from Business Strategy to Marketing and Communications. There’s a chance that the next time we visit, we’ll be greeted by one of our own alumni!

Next year, ESEI will be organising more trips to visit tech companies and see how they work. We will also be returning to Google – would you like to tag along?