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Top 7 events to attend before the end of the year in Barcelona

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Every year, Barcelona buzzes with energy during the autumn events season – and 2019 is no different.

From huge conferences to niche networking events, there’s a lot to do. We’ve picked 7 exciting events for you to hone your networking skills, learn about new technologies and perhaps get closer to choosing a career path for when you graduate from ESEI.

So open those calendars and start filling them in!

1. Barcelona Tech Job Fair

When: October 17
Where: Ilunion Hotel
Tickets: Free

Whether you’re currently looking for a job or just testing the waters, Barcelona Tech Job Fair is a great opportunity to meet potential employers in person. The organisers know that there’s nothing worse than submitting your CV and then never hearing back from the company that you so desperately want to work at. So they’ve created an event where you have a real chance to make a lasting impression, instead of getting judged upon your CV alone. If you ever want to find a job at a hot tech company in Barcelona, the biannual Tech Job Fair is a great starting point. 

2. Barcelona International Community Day

When: October 26
Where: Museu Marítim de Barcelona
Tickets: Free

We’re lucky to be based in one of the most culturally diverse cities in Europe. Every year, the city’s international community gets together at an all-day event organised by the Ajuntament de Barcelona to celebrate this diversity. Set in the impressive building of the Maritime Museum, Barcelona International Community Day is a meeting point for expats where they can build connections, meet new friends, learn about life and business in Barcelona and get help with developing their professional careers. It’s a must for the just-landed!

3. IoT Solutions World Congress

When: October 29-31
Where: Fira Gran Vía
Tickets: €100 – €1,195

The Internet of Things is a hot topic in today’s tech journalism. The IoT Solutions World Congress returns to Barcelona to promote the discovery and adoption of IoT technology by bringing together the best in the business. As the largest IoT event in the world, it attracts more than 16,000 visitors. If you’re curious about IoT, or perhaps want to launch an IoT startup yourself one day, don’t miss the hundreds of exhibitors showcasing innovative products and the top-tier speakers from all over the world. 

4. RecruITech Barcelona 2019

When: November 14
Where: Codeworks Barcelona
Tickets: €45

Are you considering going into HR or recruitment once you finish your studies at ESEI? It could be the perfect career path for you, just as it has been for our alumnus Johanna Grimberg (read her story here). At RecruITech Barcelona, you’ll have the chance to learn about tech recruitment and HR for startups. The event will be full of experienced HR professionals and recruitment experts who will share their knowledge in presentations about the latest trends and the most modern technologies to use. Why not check it out?

5. Smart City Expo World Congress and Smart Mobility Congress

When: November 19-21
Where: Fira Gran Vía
Tickets: €100 – €995

One of the largest conferences organised every year in Barcelona, the Smart City Expo World Congress is all about bringing together the industry’s most influential thought-leaders and debating questions of urban sustainability and smart city technology. Join more than 25,000 visitors to learn about topics such as digital transformation, urban environment design, mobility, governance and finance, inclusive cities and the sharing economy. A side event of the Smart City Expo World Congress, the Smart Mobility Congress focuses on making the world a better place by introducing state-of-the-art mobility and transportation solutions. The future of our planet depends on the development of our cities – and this is your chance to be a part of the movement.  

6. Nice One Barcelona (Barcelona Games World)

When: November 28 – December 1
Where: Fira Gran Vía
Tickets: €18 – €40

Formerly known as Games World Barcelona, Nice One is an unmissable event for video game enthusiasts. If you’re a true gamer and you want to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest, this is the place to be. Immerse yourself in never-seen-before virtual reality experiences, discover what’s new from the biggest brands and watch the most intensive e-sports competitions you’ve ever seen. If you like anime and you’re in the mood for a bit of cosplay, don’t hold back!

7. Meltinlab Barcelona – 10th Edition

When: December 4
Where: UPF
Tickets: €20

MeltinLab has made a name for itself as the fastest-growing startup event in all of Barcelona. After sponsoring the last edition, we’re more than excited to sponsor – and attend – this one! Attendees will have the chance to listen to talks by some of Barcelona’s most successful entrepreneurs, take part in hands-on workshops, witness an exciting startup pitch competition and do some networking. If you see yourself as a future startup founder, don’t miss out.

Also check out the autumn events we’re organising for you at ESEI – from guest speaker talks to a visit to the Barcelona Stock Exchange!

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