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4 online workshops to help push your career forward during the crisis


With everything that’s happened in the past few weeks, you may feel like you’ve had to put your career dreams on the back burner. But don’t worry: professional development is very much possible, even in times of crisis.

We’ve organised some insightful online career workshops to help you get ahead. The interactive sessions will be presented by career coach and business consultant Mustafa Toga. Having worked at PTC for over ten years, Mustafa has extensive experience as a sales leader and mentor. In his online workshops, he’s going to show you how to use the downtime to your advantage and further your career while practising social distancing.

“I think the current lockdown is bringing some positive side effects with it. One is that we now really have time. Students can think where they want to start their careers and how they want to progress, ” he told us.

“This will reveal what they’ve really interested in and what they want to dive deep into. The current situation also allows us to use social media to increase our professional networks. New connections mean new potential opportunities.”

In his workshops, Mustafa teaches you how to work on your career development in any industry, maintain your motivation and remain optimistic as we go through the crisis.

So, let’s see what topics he will cover! If you missed past workshops, you can still watch them online. 

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Whether you aspire to become a business owner, a consultant or a professional working for a company, there’s a good chance you will need excellent sales and negotiation skills.

In this last webinar, Mustafa will walk you through the sales process, breaking it down into parts.

This way, you’ll have a structured approach to sales and learn how to make sales faster.

Mustafa will also give you insight into specific negotiation methods and share with you some tips and tricks on how to perfect your sales technique and get the best deal.

Last but not least, he’s going to talk about salary negotiation, and prepare you for negotiating the package that you deserve for your next role or promotion.

Sign up to hone your sales skills and become a master negotiator.

When: May 22th at 2:00 pm



In case you missed Mustafa’s first online workshop on April 9th, here’s a quick summary. You can watch the recording of the full session here.

Due to the lockdown imposed in many countries worldwide, we are all being forced to find alternative ways to connect. While professional development may be hindered in some ways by the crisis, we must also look for ways to adapt to the scenario in order to maintain momentum in the pursuit of our dream career.

In this first workshop, Mustafa gave our students tips on how to take advantage of the time on their hands. He shared various exercises to help you define your career goals. He also dove deep into the topics of emotional intelligence and self-management, which are two very important concepts during these tough times.

In the second part of the session, he talked about how to use LinkedIn strategically for professional development while working remotely, and which professional relationships to pursue and foster while stuck at home.

Mustafa’s advice came at just the right time to help us stay positive, stay connected and find opportunities in the online scenario. And, we can’t wait for our students to participate in his next sessions.


We live in a highly competitive world, and companies receive hundreds of applications as soon as thye have an open position. Having an already established personal brand can help you stand out from the crowd and convince employers to seriously consider your profile.

In this workshop, Mustafa talks about the meaning of personal branding and why it’s crucial for students and young professionals to start building their brand before they hit the job market. He gives you some tried -and-true tips on using LinkedIn to establish and maintain your brand.

Watch here to learn how to start building your personal brand while you’re finishing your studies.


Great leaders are made, not born – goes the saying. If you want to become a leader, there are things you can do to set the stage even before you start your career.

In this workshop, Mustafa shares a number of activities to do and action steps to take to start shaping yourself into a leader right now. He also shines the light on what you can do further down your career path in order to get noticed as a talented young professional.

Watch here to learn how to set yourself apart and start down the road to success 

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