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5 reasons to do an MBA at ESEI – According to students

February 6th, 2019|Categories: Blog, News|

Bummed about having to leave Barcelona and ESEI after you’ve finished your Master’s programme? No need to worry! ESEI provides you with the chance to stay and do a one-year Experiential MBA Programme that consists [...]

Meet the winner of the Leadership in Business Scholarship!

January 29th, 2019|Categories: Blog, Humans, News|

Supporting our students and encouraging their entrepreneurial efforts is very important to us here at ESEI. As a way of backing the young entrepreneurs who arrive at our school with the desire to expand their [...]

5 ways to become a better leader in 2019

January 24th, 2019|Categories: Blog, How To, News|

“A great leader is somebody who understands that our idea is always stronger than my idea.” - Jasper Deprez, ESEI Skyrocket Programme Director and Mentor, ESEI Alumnus If you’re interested in business management and entrepreneurship, there’s [...]

Your career starts at ESEI: Helping our graduates navigate the future

December 11th, 2018|Categories: Blog, News|

Albert Einstein once said, 'The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know'. While that seems like a daunting thought, we’ve made it our mission at ESEI to help you become [...]